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Action Track USA / SpeedSTR

Kutztown, Pennsylvania ...

Button Buck Speedway / All-Star Slingshots

Spring Valley, Minnesota ....

Linda's Speedway / SpeedSTR

Jonestown, Pennsylvania ...

Spirit Auto Center Speedway /  All-Star Slingshots

Bridgeport, New Jersey...

RPM Speedway / RevStar

St. Marcel, Québec, Canada

Hamlin Speedway / All-Star Slingshots

Hamlin, Pennsylvania....

Action Track USA / SpeedSTR

Kutztown, Pennsylvania...

RPM Speedway / All-Star Slingshots

St. Marcel, Québec, Canada...

Action Track USA / SpeedSTR

Kutztown, Pennsylvania...

Oakland Valley Speedway / All-Star Slingshots

Cuddebackville, New York

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Myerstown PA. December 4th, 2017

The annual Speedway Entertainment  / Action Track USA Awards Banquet will be held Friday night Feb,2,2018 at Bear Creek Resort at 6PM.Tickets are on sale at $45.00 for 15 and over and $40.00 for 14 and under. Award winners, please no t-shirts and ripped pants. Let's continue with the fantastic look that many of you have shown over the last few years. They will be mailed out unless someone wants to pick them up .The mailing deadline is January 18th now. They can be ordered up until banquet day.

I will be here on Sat. Dec. 9th from 9 AM to 1 PM.There is currently engine work done here for Dalton Maynard,Greg Sleight and Brian Smith.

The 2018 registrations are being approved by Rich and I should be sending out the email on Thursday.Anyone that has registered previously knows that your car number is yours until Jan. 31st,after that it can be used by anyone.Please make sure you list the drivers name on the left side of the form.Sorry,I'm not a mind reader.As a simple reminder,if your driver is running as a Junior in 2018 and starts the season at 14 but has a birthday during the season,they will still be given junior status until the season is over.If you are registering a car or cars that can be used as rentals,please make note of that.From the looks of the Facebook Group Page,there are some members seeking a ride or 2 during the season.

We are going to be looking at possibly adding a race that I have tried to make a go of for 6 years now and there is a good chance with some help of friends that this might happen in 2018.

Skyline Park Raceway in Cortland ,NY is looking to add small cars to their 2018 schedule and has asked if Slingshot teams would be willing to give the track a go.We have added them to our National Series races with a May 20th,2018 date.

I was totally surprised as upon reading a post about the tour that someone stated we are not running a tour next year.We did eliminate the regionals in part due to many teams that promised attending,didn't and we do not want tracks to planning on having 24 cars then only have 10 show up.We do this so race teams and drivers can broaden their horizons by adding different size and designed tracks and give them a chance to run for some added monies in most instances.The National Series in 2018 is basically the national events run in 2017 for the All Star Elite 11 championship.Next year it will be used for 1 of the criteria for accumulating points whether by home track or National Series.Juniors will be following the same tour as the All Stars except for the New Jersey dates due to age restrictions.Lindas Speedway is looking to waive the 12 year old minimum for a Junior race in 2018.

The current indoor entry totals are as follows: Allentown 30   AC 35  Albany 28.I believe the early entry fee deadline is a postmark of today.

As soon as I get the Champions shirt proof,I'll post it.Right now the shirt color is blackberry.SInce I had no mediums and larges left and more than enough XL's I cut back on them and added those shirts to the medium and large counts..They will be $20.00 each with no added costs for the bigger sizes.Due to the UPS price increase the shipping cost for 1 to 8 shirts will be $9.00.

                                              This offer is good through December 9th.

15% off a 10 FT. Box of Chain. Shipping will be extra. I will be here on Saturday from 9 AM til 1 PM if anyone wants to get a head start on Slingshot Christmas shopping.

Limit 2 boxes per racer's order.

Myerstown PA. November 21st, 2017

The 2017 Kit Specials are now available:
Kit 1
Slingshot Chassis
Inner Rails
Bumpers & Side Rails
Swing Arm
Complete Body (Not Mounted)

All powder coated

Metallic and Candy Apple powder coating has an additional charge
Multi color or annodized metal body has an additional charge

Racers Price 2216.29 w/o tax added

Kit 2
Slingshot Chassis
Inner Rails
Bumpers & Side Rails
Swing Arm
Complete Body ( not mounted)
Throttle Cable
Gas & Brake Pedals
2 Front Hubs
QR Steering Column
Complete Fuel Cell
Slingshot Seat  (Self Containment Seat has additional charge)
Seat Upholstery
2 5/8" Oil Pressure Gauge

Metallic and Candy Apple powder coating has additional charge
Multi color or annodized metal body has an additional charge

Racers price 2986.97 w/o tax added.

This offer will be in effect until December 15th.A 50% down payment must be made when ordered.Sheet metal color chart can be seen at wrisco.com.Powder coating chart can be seen at tiger-coatings.com

The 2018 All Star Elite 11 and Junior Great 8 tours will have a slightly different format.There currently will not be any regionals as was used in years passed for the All Stars.Points will be earned using 3 criteria,# 1 your best weekly track or National Series point standing,# 2 your points from 2 Super National weekends and # 3 points earned in the Slingshot World Championship (date and track being worked out).Juniors will follow thew same format.Currently in the scheduling stage are 5 Super National weekends with the tentative tracks being used will be:
Maple Leaf / Granby....RPM.... Vallee Jonction
Northwest / Jamestown.... Buffalo River
Great Lakes / Mississippi Thunder ....Button Buck
Sunshine / Flomaton....NW Florida
Mid-Atlantic / Action Track USA....Linda's....Hamlin
The National Series points (if used) is basically being scheduled where nationals were run in 2017 with some deletions possible.
There WILL BE a Speedweeks in 2018.

I want to apologize for the Indoor Racing error.I had asked Danny Sammons a few years ago about minimum age for all races outside of NJ and I was told that for the other races an underage exception wasn't required.I didn't realize that the insurance regulations also govern the age limitations.The current indoor entry totals are as follows  Allentown 28    AC  32 and Albany 26.Allentown and ALbany have a 30 entry max with any entry over that placed into the Will Call file if needed.

2017 Champions T shirt proof from Weikel Sportswear will be to me possibly next week.Shirt color is still undecided.I will be getting 12 dozen shirts of various sizes,I will not be getting any youth larges this year,it will start at adult small.XXL and XXXL will be ordered.I will not charge the additional $3.00 for the larger sizes.All shirts will be $20.00.They are pinpointing a delivery date prior to Christmas so they should be here for Xmas presents.

Myerstown PA. November 9th, 2017

The Sammons Motorsports Indoor Season is quickly approaching with the Allentown race less than 2 months away.Here is the current entry lists for which all races have maximum entries allowed.Here is the current car entry for each race:
Allentown / 20  Atlantic City / 21  Albany / 21.There is no minimum age for Allentown and Albany due to being in PA and NY.NJ has a 14 year old minimum age and also will have a car inspection for belts,fuel cell and drivers equipment.Helmet must be at least 2010 Snell rating and belts cannot be more than 2 years old at time of inspection.Head and neck restraint device is mandatory whether it be a HANS or equivalent.

The Chassis / Body Special is still proceeding on until Dec 15th.Kit 1 is 2216.29 minus any taxes and Kit 2 is 2986.97 without taxes.Extra costs for multi colored or anodized metal and metallic or metal flake powdercoating.

Banquet date for both Speedway Entertainment and Action Track will be Friday Feb 2nd at 6 PM at Bear Creek Resort.Tickets are $45 for 15 and older and $40 for 14 and under.

I will be here on Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM for anyone wanting to pick up parts or drop off engines and front axles and spindles for repair.Chassis work and swing arm repair is also being done.

We currently have a Kit Car and 3 complete car orders that we are taking care of but will have the time to repair your chassis or swing arm.

Engine work is picking up due to the indoor racing season.Make sure you have your engine in repair mode.There is a disassembly discount if it comes to us as a short block with NO tinwork,carb,manifold,flywheel,clutch and engine plate attached.As stated in the rule book,the soda-cap type engine seals are not legal.Red seals were last used in June of 2011 so if you have red seals on your engine,it's time to be looked at.

The Toby book is also here if anyone has a family member or friend looking for a copy at Christmas time.

The 2018 tour plans are being worked on and we are trying to hold our new National World Series races on the same dates in 2018 as they were in 2017.The plans call for all nationals in 2017 to be used as an alternate form of obtaining points for the World Series of Slingshot Championship and Junior Championship.Weekly track points use is the other form.The new point system will be based in obtaining points from 3 different ways:
1. Home track or the National Series
2.2 Super Nationals 1 being in your region and the other outside your region.
3.World Series Events at season's end next year.
More inclusive info will be given later.Speedweeks will also be scheduled again in 2018 with the 2017 car counts the highest in quite some time.

We are not a part of The Gobbler at Accord this season.Brett Deyo has accepted Accord promoter Gary Palmer's suggestion of using his sprint car class for this year.

I will be sending the names for the 2017 Champions shirt to Weikel Sportswear in hopes of having them ready for a Christmas delivery.Brett Bieber has decided that the 151 of Donny Hockman  be used in this years shirt as both Hockman Racing and Four B Family Racing shared the car duties for Brett's 2017 championship.Shelby McLaughlin's # 7 will be also featured as the Junior National champion.

Myerstown PA. November 2nd, 2017

The race at Mahoning this Sunday will not be a tour race,it will be a money and prestige race.Rich decided against this because of quite a few teams having World Finals plans in Charlotte.

Indoor entries are still being accepted and there is an early entry discount,so please don't delay in getting your entry in for any or all 3 indoor races with those being at Allentown,PP&L Center the 1st weekend of January,Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City the 26,27,28th of January and the new race which is really attracting some entries at Albany on Feb 9 & 10th.

Engine work completed here for Dalton Maynard and Dylan Hoch.

The SE Canadian dealer George Samson was here yesterday and the new tour plans were being discussed with dates slotted in for a 3 race weekend in Canada.

I will be releasing the new format soon.There will be NO regional tours in 2018,but I did keep the annual Speedweeks in tact for 2018.

Congrats to our Elite 11 National Champion, Brett Bieber and his car owners Four B Racing and Hockman Race Team for their accomplishments.For all of you that are not Slingshot FB Group Page members,Brett won the national tour,the MA Silver Tour,the MA Gold Tour,Speedweeks point crown and also placed 3rd in the Empire Region.

The S&S Team swept the All Star Beast of the East weekend at Oakland Valley Speedway with Jared Silfee fast time and the win and Scott Neary 2nd fast time and finishing 2nd.Nick DelCampo put his 05 into the top 3 with both an impressive time trial and 50 lap run..All cars that entered,started the 50 lap main.Thanks to Dave Allen,Hufcut Concrete,Malley Pool Service and Sean Hart for making this the highest paying Slingshot race.

The Great 8 Junior National point champion Shelby McLaughlin had a stellar year in her own right by winning the national championship and also being the Hamlin Speedway Junior Champion.She put an exclamation point on her season by taking home the $1000 Junior Beast of the East win at Oakland Valley.Really was hoping to see more Juniors entered,but it was a very close race with the top 3 all under a blanket at the finish.

The Speedway Entertainment / Action Track USA Awards Banquet will be held Friday Feb 2nd at 6 PM at Bear Creek Resort in Macungie,PA.Adult tickets 15 & over is $45.00,14 & under is $40.00 each.

I have decided to get 2017 Champions shirts made this season.Color of shirt still undecided.If you placed in the top 3 in any region,top 5 in Speedweeks,placed in the Elite 11 or Great 8 or also a track champion in their regular classes your name will be on this shirt.Brett Bieber has decided to put the Hockman 151 on the shirt this year and Shelby McLaughlin's # 7 will also grace the front of the shirt.Shirts will be $20 with no added cost for 2XL or 3XL.

To answer a few of the email questions,full containment seats are not mandatory,that is a driver safety issue for your team.Anyone can drive the PA or NY indoor races,the NJ race is age restrictive to no one under 14.

I have removed quite a few FB Group members,because of their posts.I will continue to monitor this.

If any of you would like a nice Christmas present for your older race fans in the family,the new Toby books are completed and we have received them.They can be mailed out or picked up.Also Gary Silverman has Action Track videos for sale.

Don't forget Daylight Savings Time is quickly approaching,make sure you turn your clocks back.

Myerstown PA. October 25th, 2017

Len Sammons Motorsports has posted the entry list for the 3 indoor races the Slingshots will be participating in.There are maximum entry limits and once exceeded you are put on a waiting list.I believe right now the entries posted are 17 for Allentown,16 for Atlantic City and 18 for Albany.

They also have posted some lodging suggestions for AC.

The 2017 Kit Specials are now available:
Kit 1
Slingshot Chassis
Inner Rails
Bumpers & Side Rails
Swing Arm
Complete Body (Not Mounted)

All powder coated

Metallic and Candy Apple powder coating has an additional charge
Multi color or annodized metal body has an additional charge

Racers Price 2216.29 w/o tax added

Kit 2
Slingshot Chassis
Inner Rails
Bumpers & Side Rails
Swing Arm
Complete Body ( not mounted)
Throttle Cable
Gas & Brake Pedals
2 Front Hubs
QR Steering Column
Complete Fuel Cell
Slingshot Seat  (Self Containment Seat has additional charge)
Seat Upholstery
2 5/8" Oil Pressure Gauge

Metallic and Candy Apple powder coating has additional charge
Multi color or annodized metal body has an additional charge

Racers price 2986.97 w/o tax added.

This offer will be in effect until December 15th.A 50% down payment must be made when ordered.Sheet metal color chart can be seen at wrisco.com.Powder coating chart can be seen at tiger-coatings.com

This weekend will see quite a bit of money being offered to both the All Star and Junior racers as Oakland Valley Speedway will be holding it's Beast of the East with $2500 to win the Saturday All Star main and $1000 to win the Sunday Junior feature.
Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport will be hosting the All Star National on Sunday with a nice 1st place prize being offered.This will count for National and MA Silver points.

To answer a few questions that have been coming in lately,Speedway Entertainment DOES NOT do engine dyno work.There will be a new Elite 11 and Great 8 national points format in 2018 with the regionals being eliminated.Speedweeks will continue in 2018 with 2017 having the best entry totals in 6 years.The old style swing arm is no longer available but they can continue to be used.We are still doing front axle and spindle repairs.It's roughly 1/2 the price of a new axle or spindle.I will be looking at the upcoming scheduling of being open for a few Saturdays up until Christmas.I will give everyone plenty of notice when it will happen.

Myerstown PA. September 28th, 2017

The annual chassis / body special will be announced the middle of October.

Camping will be allowed for anyone planning on attending the Super Dirt National at 5 Mile Point next Saturday.Andrew Harpell is looking at streamlining the racing program so it is completed to give everyone that is planning on heading back home after the show is over an earlier departure time.This race is for All Star National points and also will finalize the Empire Region season.Juniors may enter this race as well as the Mahoning Valley National on the 15th.You must be All Star weight legal to run though.

We are accepting clutch shoe cores for $11.50 each.This can be used for anything purchased or done here at SE.

Please make sure you get your Sammons Motorsports Indoor Racing Series entries in to Danny at AARN.Entry forms for all 3 races and single events are ready on their website.All 3 races have maximum entry quotas for the Slingshots and if you are late in entering,you might be left out or put on a waiting list.

Rich is working on a new All Star National and Junior National system for 2018.More on that later.

I have deleted quite few former members of the Slingshot FB Group.Any posts that are not within decency will be removed and the person will be deleted and blocked.I think it has become a go to place for many of you in regards to parts for sale,cars for sale,track events posted and results and pictures and it's going to remain that way.

There are many people looking at the page  and then contacting me for rentals.If you have a car to rent feel free to post it,especially during the Wingless Weds at Shellhammers.

Snydersville is continuing on with their racing season as is Linda's.Oakland Valley Raceway is scheduling events on their oval in Cuddebackville,NY,please check those out as well.

With the King of the Slings race at Bridgeport on Oct. 29th,if you have not been NJSP inspected there or at AC you will need to be inspected,please make sure your belts are not more than 2 yrs. old and are stamped later than 10 / 15.This will also be the final card given for the Poker Series championship which has a nice point fund.

Doug and Rich will be working on the 2018 Action Track USA schedule soon.I have suggested a few items of interest in regards to both Slingshot classes that race there.

Myerstown PA. September 18th, 2017

Had a chat with Danny Sammons on Saturday and he asked me to put out an all points bulletin in regards to the Jndoor Racing Series entries.All of the indoor races have a maximum entry list for the Slingshots and the 1st race is the 1st weekend of January at PPL Center in Allentown.The 2nd race is at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City and the final race is Feb 9-10th at the Albany Arena..3 race car entries and single race entries are available.The AC race max'd out by Thanksgiving so enter now so you aren't put on the waiting list.Entries are available at www.aarn.com and go to Indoor Series where the Slingshot entries are linked for you to print and fill out.The entries do not come to Speedway Entertainment,make sure you send them back to the AARN office in Trenton,NJ.

Congrats to Brett Bieber and FourB Racing and Hockman Racing for their Action Track Night @ Lindas championship.The top 10 were  1. Brett Bieber  2.Dave Carraghan  3.Joe Toth 4. Austin Daniels  5.Mike Glass 6.Ronnie Spitler  7. Chuck Whary  8.Cole Stangle  9. Dakota Kohler  10. Scott Gray

The All Star National Top 50 is currently posted on the FB Group Page.Final 3 nationals are coming up in Oct with Oct 7th at 5 Mile Point  Oct 15th at Mahoning and the King of the Slings finale at Bridgeport on Oct 29th.

Oakland Valley Speedway is going to work with racers looking to compete in both the Octoberfest at OVS and the King of the Slings by starting the A Main at 11:15 on Sunday morning.The schedule calls for practice on Friday Oct 27th,qualifying the 28th and main events on Sunday Oct 29th.

The Slingshot FB Group Page has just lost 6 members due to obscene and derogatory remarks.I will not tolerate any of that.Children are checking it out and they should not be subjected to some of the posts left on there,which was also deleted.

A quick note,Jim Pollard is planning a visit to the shop on Tuesday Sept 19th and will bring back parts to racers in that area.Contact Jim or us with what you need .

The final Canadian Slingshot National was run at Autodrome Chaudiere @ Vallee-Jonction with Christopher Cormier and Sylvain Carrier taking the checkers in the 2 day event.

LInda's will be having the Slingshots on the Jonestown,PA 1/4 mile for 3 races this weekend with the regular show set for action Friday night, the 1st ever dirt road course race tabbed the Linda's Grand Prix will be run as the final event on Friday and the Linda's Fall Showdown will be run over a 50 lap distance on Sat. Sept 23rd.The Friday night regular race will see the winner guaranteed for the Saturday night main event. There are plenty of added monies for the Grand Prix,so please give it a try.

Looking at making the annual champions shirts for 2017. We will again use a color photo of the Junior National and All Star National champions on the front with Great 8,Elite 11,track champions and regional top 3 and Speedweeks top 5 posted on the back. There are a few of the larger sizes left of the 2016 shirts that I will sell for $5.00 each,those sixes being large, XL, and 2 XL.

Myerstown PA. September 11th, 2017

The Empire Region race scheduled for Paradise Speedway on Sat Sept 16th has been canceled due to the possibility of Hurricane Irma's impending appearance.Since most teams are at least 100 miles away,we do not want anyone traveling that distance only to head back home.

Jason Kohler has a Slingshot roller and complete car for sale,you can contact him on the Slingshot Facebook Group Page.2500 for the roller and 4800 for complete.

Upcoming races are the Action Track Night @ Linda's on Friday Sept 15th,the Slingshot Grand Prix is slated for Friday Sept 22 which will be the 1st road course race on dirt for the Slingshots.

Tour races are Sept 15-16 All Star National at Autodrome ChaudiereVallee-Jonction
Oct 7th All Star National / Empire Region @ Five Mile Point
Oct 15th All Star National /  MA Gold @ Mahoning Valley Speedway
Oct 29th All Star National / MA Silver King of the Slings @ Spirit Speedway at Bridgeport.Bridgeport is under the jurisdiction of the NJSP and they will allow an underage driver a waiver depending on age.You must apply with the NJSP to be approved for racing in NJ if you are under the minimum age.

Octoberfest will be run Oct 28 / 29th at Oakland Valley Speedway in Cuddebackville with A Main action slated for Sunday at 11:15AM giving race teams time to also make it to Spirit Speedway.

We currently are on a manufacturer back order for aluminum wheels which has been since Aug 21st.

If you are planning on doing any of the Sammons Indoor Racing Series events,please make sure you get your entry forms in because we are limited at all the racing venues with a maximum car entry number.Please remember that NJ has a 2 year law on safety belts so if your belts are stamped older than Jan 2016,they must be updated for Atlantic City.

Rich will be addressing the annual Racer's Chassis and Body Special in Oct.

Congrats to Shelby McLaughlin,our 2017 Junior Slingshot National Champion.Here is the Great 8 for 2017:

1 Shelby McLaughlin 911 2 Tanner VanDoren 831 3 Tyler Banks 791 4 Jake Mason 775 5 Tyler Ulsh 731 6 Nicho Flammer 720 7 Adam Buchel 664 8 Kyle Swart 534

Myerstown PA. August 29th, 2017

After receiving numerous phone calls in regards to carb spacer legality and what can and what can't be done to it,here is the lowdown.Rule book states it can not exceed stock dimensions.The stock dimension is based on the interior cutout from the flat side to the rounded cutouts.

With that being said the little lip that is right above the center mounting hole can be rounded or trimmed as long as it does not extend past the rounded cutouts.

The measurements are as follows,length must remain at 2.590 inches and width cannot exceed 1.10 inches.The inside flat panel measures .885 from the long flat end to this part of the spacer.



Upcoming races include the Action Track Night @ Lindas on Sept 1st,regular weekly races at Hamlin,Snydersville,Accord,OVDT with specials this week at Shellhammers with their Wingless Weds,Labor Day Weekend Showdown Sunday Sept 3rd at LANCO and upcoming tour stops at Hamlin on Sept 9th,Empire Region race at Paradise Speedway on Sept 16th.Nationals also will be featured at Plattsburgh,NY's Airborne Park Speedway on Sept 10th and a double header at Autodrome Chaudiere in Vallee-Jonction,QC, Canada.

October has quite a few races remaining on the schedule with All Star National at Five Mile Point Speedway on Oct 7,All Star National at Mahoning on Oct 15 and finishing off with the King of Slings @ Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport on Oct 29th.The state of New Jersey has a minimum age for racing a Slingshot,you must contact the NJSP to get a waiver if your child is underage.They have allowed underage racers to run at AC,so it can be allowed.

Oakland Valley has a weekend of racing the last weekend of October that has been posted on the FB Group Page that might be of interest to a few race teams.

Linda's Speedway will be having their 1st Slingshot Grand Prix on Sept 22nd.The oval will become a road course and there has been quite a few added monetary bonuses for finishing spots,hard luck and hard charger winners as well as trophies being awarded.This has never been tried before,so if you would like to try to racing skills on a dirt road course the invitation is open to all Slingshot racers 12 years old and older.

If anyone is interested in racing the Sammons Motorsports Indoor races,the entry forms are ready to be filled out and sent back to Lenny at the Area Auto Racing News office in Trenton,NJ.

Hoping all school students had an enjoyable return back to the classrooms.

Myerstown PA. August 21st, 2017

The touring season is heading into it's final events for the All Stars and Juniors with the final Junior National being held at the West End Fair on Aug 21st.Since we count the best 6 races for the Juniors and if West End gets their show in it will be 7 point races if you attend them all,you can drop your worst race.Best track point standing bonus points will be added as well as 5 points for every national attended.

All Stars are falling into a similar line of events with some Canadian races on the schedule,if you decide not to race at Plattsburgh or Valle-Jonction there will be 9 races used for your best 8 finishes.Please remember that car entry bonus points only are added if the field has 13 or more entries.The Hartland National at Button Buck concludes the midwest tour season on Sat. the 26th.

The rained out Grand Prix at Linda's has been rescheduled for Sept 22nd.This will be a 1st for the Slingshots as it will be a road course race on dirt.

Action Track Night @ Linda's has 2 dates in Sept.,those being Sept 1st and Sept 15th.

Wingless Weds is set to return to Shellhammers,so please make sure you get there in plenty of time to register your car.

Sammons Motorsports has begun to send out pre-entries for their 3 indoor racing programs to be held at PPL Center in Allentown,Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City and the Albany Arena in Feb.

Empire Region has a race slated for a return to Paradise Speedway in Geneva,NY on Sept 16th.This track at one time was the fastest dirt track that the Slingshots raced on and we are hoping that it is well attended.If things go well they have asked for a return to having a National Tour race which at 1 time had 42 entries.

There comes a time when all racers are involved in an accident,if you know you were part of the accident,driving up to your former position just makes the show last longer.Please be respectful of the other drivers,fans and officials and fall to the rear.If they deem you to have continued on without stopping or stopped to avoid a flip,you will get your spot back.

Also transponder scoring is done at the start finish line,if a yellow comes out while you are passing a car or 2 ,it does not mean you belong there,scoring goes back to the last completed lap,not where you are running when the yellow comes out.

Right now we are working to get front axle repairs and bent spindles repaired as time allows which could be the day they are received or the next day.We currently have axle repairs done for Scott Gray and Seth Spayd.If you are planning on being at Linda's Friday night we will gladly bring them along.

We did not reschedule the Selinsgrove races due to the fact that it can't be run until a Friday in Sept and schools will have been started by then.I guess I'm old schooland my 2 children were never taken out of school early and I'm hoping that this decision doesn't affect anyone's racing plans.

Hoping everyone was safety conscious with the total eclipse.

Thanks for your support and for the students heading back to school,good luck

Myerstown PA. August 3rd, 2017

The Aug 15th running of the $2000 to win Super Fair National will include points for the AT USA, MA Silver and double points for the All Star National points.The planned evening festivities will include an open 30 minute practice session.We will take a short break and prepare for dual heats and letter mains up to the B Main.

Track provisionals will be used through the process of the non qualifiers.If you are entered from a speedway that does not have a qualified car in the A Main,the highest driver in that track points will be added as a track provisional.This race is open to all Slingshot teams.

If you are the only entry from a regular Slingshot track and you do not qualify,you will get an automatic provisional but you must go through the qualifying events offered.

The Juniors will also be racing for National points on Thursday Aug 17th.It will have the canceled Junior race added.The Junior National will be 20 laps and the regular race will be 15.Both of these races will count towards Action Track USA points.

Car entries will be taken the night of the race for both the All Star and Junior nights.

Champions Night will be run on Weds Aug 16th and the All Star Slingshot points will end that night.

I have been asked numerous times what the plans are for the Reading Nostalgia National and Junior National.
There are races both nights with separate payouts both nights.Only the Tuesday night races will be for tour points.The All Stars it will be for National,MA Silver and Speedweeks points with Junior National points being offered on Tuesday for the younger racers.

If you did not pre-enter you may still enter the day you are racing.Once the pre-entry date closed it was just for the cheaper rates,but will still be open for any race team wanting to run 1 or both nights.

The Juniors will be racing for $200 to win Monday and Tues with $25 to take the green money.The All Stars will be racing on Monday for $500 to win and 35 to take the green with Tuesday's payout seeing 1000 to win and 50 to take the green..

Sign-in will begin both days at 3:30.Track time will begin at 5:30.Please make sure you attend the 5 PM drivers meeting.

Myerstown PA. July 31st, 2017

This is what the basis is for the touring points this season.For Junior bonus points it will be based on your best weekly track's season ending points finish.If you run more than 1 weekly track it will be based on your best point standing.All Stars have 3 ways of securing bonus points,track,regional tour or Speedweeks.Speedweeks also has it's own point fund totaling $1000 for the top 5 in mini-series ending points.
There will be NO drops for the Regionals.
 All Star National Points will be determined by top 8 National events + bonus points from your best point standing finish from either weekly track,Speedweek or regional tour finish .1 bonus point will be added for each car entered.No bonus points will be added if car count is below 12 cars.Bonus points will start at 13 cars & up.
Double point races will be done by doubling race finish points and adding the car count bonus points to that.
 Junior National Great 8 will be points earned in the 6 best Junior National Tour  Races with  bonus points from weekly track season ending point finish.
 Speedweeks will use regular point system.
  5 Bonus Points for each national attended to be added at end of season.

The Aug 2nd Speedweeks race scheduled for the Action Track will now be run on Aug.16th.The cancelled Junior race at AT USA on Aug 2nd will be made up as part of Twin 15's on Thursday Aug 17th.Both races will count towards track points and 1 race will be used for Junior National points (so far as of this email,it will be the 1st race).

You still have time to get your early entry in for the Reading Fairgrounds Nostalgia National and Junior National.If it's postmarked by Aug. 1st you get the discounted prices mentioned.Both nights will be separate payout nights and the Tuesday night running will be the night of points for the All Star regional,national ,Speedweeks and Junior National.Right now there is some open lodging at the Reading Airport Holiday Inn Express which is about 4 miles from the track.Also plenty of rooms in the Wyomissing / West Reading areas which is about a 6 mile drive from the fairgrounds.For GPS users it's County Welfare and Hilltop Rds.(1216 Hilltop Rd)

Aug 4 Lindas Speedway
Aug 5 Shellhammers Speedway
Aug 8 New Reading Fairgrounds
Aug 11 Selinsgrove Raceway Park
Aug 12 Hamlin Speedway
Aug 16 Action Track USA
Button Buck racers have a national on Aug 5th.

Myerstown PA. July 27th, 2017

Just announced last night Action Track USA will be taking Aug 2 and Aug 9th off with racing on Sunday Aug 6th.
The $2000 Super Fair Nationals will be held the night of Aug 15th ONLY.

For anyone wanting to pre-enter the Reading Fair Nostalgia National and Junior National you have until Monday midnight to save on the lower entry rate.Let's show some support for both events.This is a neutral track and seat time for the younger drivers goes a long way to getting their driving talents better.Running the same track every week is fantastic but allowing them to get out and race with other drivers at other racing venues will make them better drivers.

The Selinsgrove Raceway Park National and Junior National will be held on the D shaped 1/5 mile oval on Aug 11th.This is definitely a track unlike anything we race on and they allow us to run dual heats for qualifying.

I have posted a full list of race tracks that the Slingshots race at whether it be weekly or for tour races and specials.It was posted on the Facebook Group page.Please take a look at it.

Been asked about seat belt rules and regulations.NJ is quite strict with their 2 year rule,PA and NY base their's on 3 years but many tracks do not inspect them for year stamp just for frays or holes.

Many tracks use 1 way radios,please make sure that your Raceceiver or scanner is in working order when you are on the speedway.

Please, when track officials at any track want you to go single file,please do so,they have a better view of the lineup that way then with 3 wides.

With the nice turnout at Snydersville last Friday they have asked us for a return of the Junior National in 2018,so right now they will be part of the 2018 schedule.

The Grand Prix at Lindas is shaping up to be a big event with hay bales being used as the barriers for the S's and the other road course objects.They are not moving the Jersey barriers as had been told by a few rumormongers.The Friday July 28th date will also see a regular show there for the Slingshots.You will be allowed a wide left rear for the GRand Prix only.

Myerstown PA. July 21st, 2017

For anyone that's interested,I have compiled a current list of tracks that the Slingshots race at on the Slingshot FB Group Page and it's drawing quite a response.The Slingshots are not just a northeastern based group anymore.At 1 time we raced in CA and AZ and there is talk of bringing it back to the Chico,CA area.

The Super Fair Nationals will be the only double national points tour race for the 2017 season.That date is Aug 15th with the $2000 to win 1 day only event now.I'll be discussing the provisional use for this race in regards to how it was used last year.

The Reading Nostalgia Nationals has officially posted the new Junior payout for both Monday and Tuesday nights with both A Mains being 15 laps with 200 to win and 25 to take the green,thanks to Shellhammers Speedway's Dave and Brenda Cordier with the added amount.All Stars will run on Monday for 25 laps with 500 to win and 35 to take the green.The top 2 will be locked in for Tuesday's 40 lap Nostalgia National paying 1000 to win.National points will only be earned on Tuesday.For anyone looking at lodging options please include Wyomissing and West Reading to the Reading area.

Linda's Speedway is hosting a special Slingshot Grand Prix on Friday July 28th.This will be the event that concludes the racing festivities for the night as a temporary road course will be built with some added money being distributed throughout the field.The Slingshots will also be having their regularly scheduled racing program for that evening.Dirt track road course racing,could be a 1st for the Slingshots as we have run on road courses built by John Kovatch,New Jersey Motorsports Park and Pocono Raceway Road Course in the past.

Snydersville Raceway will be ready to see some new faces as the Junior National and MA Silver tours head to the 1/8th mile.Alex has assured me that the Juniors will be qualifying using the dual heat format.Snydersville is located right up the hill from S&S Speedways.if anyone wants to stop in.

Myerstown PA. July 18th, 2017

As many of you are already aware the Aug. 14 / 15 Super Fair Nationals has been reduced to just a full qualifying and A Main race on Aug 15.The entry has been lowered and if you previously have sent an entry in,please check with Doug on refunds or use of extra money for pit passes.This is open to anyone that will be All Star weight legal.$2000 to win with $100 to take the green.

The Juniors are at the Action Track on Weds July 19th and this race will be run prior to intermission.This is a good time to get things shook down for the upcoming Junior Nationals at Snydersville on Friday and the Reading Junior Nostalgia National on Aug 8th.

There will be another Mad Scramble for the All Star Slingshots on the 19th at AT USA.There will be gift certificates used for the parts being offered for 2nd through 11th.

Track time will begin at 6 PM there on Weds.

An All Star Slingshot National is on the schedule for Drummondviille for July 24th.

I will be discussing 2018 tour plans with Rich in the near future with some possible changes being made.

Reading entry forms are still available for both All Stars and Juniors with Shellhammers adding money to the Junior payouts,special thanks to Brenda and Dave Cordier for the payout increase.

Some new engines are in the process of being built,current engine work for Glass,Millard and Yankowski has been completed.

Points from last weekend's tour races are being done today.

Myerstown PA. July 11th, 2017

Some big races coming up for weekly racing and tour racing as Linda's starts a 3 day All Star tour on Friday night with the MA Silver tour stop at the Jonestown,PA 1/4 mile.Saturday night it's Hamlin Speedway that will host the MA Gold tour race and on Sunday it's the annual Battle by the Border at Penn Can with National,MA Gold and Empire Region points on the line.Starting time for Penn Can has been 4 PM,so please make sure you are there in time for the qualifying draw and drivers meeting.Penn Can will be the biggest track that the Slingshots currently race at with an advertised size as 3/8 mile.

Linda's is looking to have a Slingshot Grand Prix on July 28th.It will be considered a dirt track road course.Right now there is over $500 in lap and specialty awards money.If anyone has a desire to to do something more than 2 straightaways and 4 turns,this could be your night to shine.

Advance notice,please when purchasing used engine equipment ,please make sure it is thoroughly inspected and check on work history here.Also carb work is now becoming quite popular so please stay within the rules for carb tech.No polishing of elbow or manifold.Casting marks must remain stock.

Friday night is a national at Mississippi Thunder Speedway for the Great Lakes racers or if anyone wants to venture west from the northeast.

The tours are not restricted,a Junior may race as an All Star at any race they choose ,but they must meet all All Star weight limits and tech.

Snydersville will be hosting a Slingshot Combo Night on July 21st, with the Juniors running their 3rd national of the season.Tyler Banks and Shelby McLaughlin will be out to add to their win total for 2017.The All Stars will be on the challenging 1/8th mile for a MA Silver stop.

Brenda Cordier let me know that the Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society will be getting pre-entries for the Reading Nostalgia Nationals out ASAP.The 2 day racing event will be 2 separate shows with Monday being a $500 to win All Star race with the top 2 locked in for Tuesday.Both Junior races will pay $100 to win.Tuesday night will be points night as the All Stars will be racing for National,MA Silver and Speedweeks points with the Juniors having their National also on Tuesday.

We currently are now under a new format by UPS which has them dropping off and picking up at the same time,which has cut back the pickup time from 4 PM to 2:30 PM.

There will be a Mad Scramble for the Slingshots at the Action Track USA on Weds,July 12th.If you were not there for the Ronnie Tobias Memorial and want to run the MS,you can tag the back.Here is what's up for grabs just for running the race:
1st Locked in handicapped status for the A Main  2.RR Tire  3.R.Bumper 4. Ft.Tire 5.Wide Wheel 6.Spindle 7.Coil Over Kit 8.Rear Axle 9.4 Qts. Brad Penn Oil 10.Rear Axle 11.Air Filter 12.Car Entry Reg. Paid.  The parts alone is over 500.00.It will be 8 laps in distance.

There are still some 2016 Champions t-shirts left.Quite a few of the larger sizes,XL and XXL.They are now $10,buy 2 ,get 1 free.If anyone wants me to bring some to Penn Can,please let me know sizes and quantity.

The phone lines here are back to being slow.We cannot answer your call until at least the 6th ring,so please be patient with your call.I try to get to the phone as quick as possible,but when 2 lines ring at the same time,it is quite difficult to talk to 2 lines at the same time.

Been getting some SE clutch assembly questions and the easiest answer I can give is that to make sure when you are putting springs on and carriers in that the inside flat spot of the clutch shoe is at  the10 and 4 clock position.Also the carrier should be placed with the inside notch at the 11 clock position.

Here are 2 photos,1 of the intake elbow and the other is the SE clutch. Please use for reference


Myerstown PA. July 5th, 2017

Taking some wins this weekend were Taylor Mills at Accord,the "Captain" Cody Kline taking the Hamlin 100 and Brett Bieber winning the Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport Poker Series race.

Upcoming is the Action Track USA Night @ Linda's on Friday July 7th with all entered Slingshots getting a free 16 X 6.50 tire.It will now be Twin 20's with a time trial to heat format qualifying.

Some very important tour stops heading this way soon will be July 14th at Linda's (MA Silver),July 14th at Mississippi Thunder (National),July 15th Hamlin (MA Gold),July 16th Penn Can Battle by the Border (MA Gold,Empire,National),July 16th Cornwall (National) and July 21st Snydersville,(MA Silver ,Jr & All Star Nationals).

Please take a look at the FB Group photos in regards to carbs.They may not be ground down between the barrels.Casting mark and squared raised panel.must be intact.Barrels may not be drilled or honed out.B&S butterflies only.

We will be in receipt of the dual purpose chain beakers soon.They have been moving quite quickly.

No racing yet this week at AT USA,Shellhammers will be having their WIngless Weds tonight with the Slingshots on the schedule if anyone wants to give the challenging high banked 1/8th mile a try tonight.

Myerstown PA. June 26th, 2017

I personally want to thank all teams that attended the Slide at the Clyde 5 for putting on a good racing program. It was televised on Blue Ridge Cable 11 and can be seen on youtube.com by using Lanco racing in the search. Everyone was hoping to see more entries but everyone has their own racing plans. Even the LANCO management was use to seeing at least 30 cars. Hopefully we can continue to give them a good show for the fans.

Brett Deyo has included the Slingshots in his July 3rd Battle at the Bull Ring. It will be 300 to win and 50 to take the green. Juniors can race but maintain the 1 bbl carb for the legal 695 lb. weight. A 2 bbl. carb will result in being an All Star and you must be 750 minimum with steel flywheel and 810 with aluminum.

A few questions regarding the use of sawtooth tires at the Action Track and they can be used on any racing surface.

Upcoming tour stops will be July 14th at Linda's, July 15th at Hamlin and July 16th at Penn Can. July 1st is a national at RPM Speedway in Canada and on July 14th a national tour stop at Mississippi Thunder Speedway. The July 16th Penn Can race is a National,MA Gold and Empire Region points race.

The Action Track USA racing schedule is idle for the next 2 weeks with a AT USA Night @ Linda's on tap for July 7th.Racing resumes at AT USA on July 12th.

Looking at a few more race days, it looks like Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport will have another Poker Series race this Sunday for the Slingshots.

Working on a Racers Special for July, more on that in a few more days.

Myerstown PA. June 22nd, 2017

This Saturday at LANCO is the 5th annual Slide at the Clyde,it is an All Star Slingshot National and regional ,but Junior drivers may enter,but must be All Star weight legal.A generous payout is being offered along with lap money and other added bonuses.The dual heat format will be used as well as the Slingshot A Main being the 1st feature of the evening.Cars will be weighed and teched.

Action Track USA is off for the next 2 Weds and Hamlin Speedway will have their break this Saturday,so it would be a great time for some Hamlin regulars to show your driving skills at a different speedway.Glen Ridge Motor Park is also slotting the Slingshots on their racing plans with new track operators taking over.

The Slingshots have been invited to run the 1st ever Sammons Indoor Motorsports race in Albany in Feb of 2018,it will be 2 complete shows with limited entries being accepted.For more info ,call Danny at AARN @ 609-888-3618.

A quick reminder any car that is not registered will not receive any recognition by SE in regards to track championships or tour awards.

One of the biggest tracks that the Slingshots race on will be coming up in a few weeks as the annual Battle by the Border will be taking place at Penn Can Speedway on July 16th.We are having 2 tour races leading up to that with Linda's running on July 14 and Hamlin on Sat July 15th,so you can make a 3 day racing weekend for this.

The early entry deadline has passed,but you cans till enter the Super Fair National at the Action Track on Aug. 14 & 15.There will be a qualifier night payout as well as the Tues. A Main $4000 to win show.This will be open to any Slingshot team that is or can be All Star weight legal.This is no minimum age for this race.

Anyone that is looking to compete in NJ at Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport and is under the required age can apply for a waiver by contacting the New Jersey State police.They have approved a few applications in recent years.They ask for birth certificate, driver resume' and car and driver equipment will be subject to a state inspection at the track.

Linda's Speedway will be having their always exciting Twin 12's on Friday June 23rd at the Jonestown,PA 1/4 mile.

Shellhammers will be having Wingless Weds. this Weds for the Slingshots and other classes.If you are looking at racing midweek,Shellies is waiting for your entry.

Myerstown PA. June 19th, 2017

Some tour races were run over the weekend with Shelby McLaughlin winning the Junior National at Hamlin. Scott Neary won the MA Gold regional there on Sat. Greg Motl was the Button Buck National winner on Saturday.I'm awaiting a finish from the Airborne Park National on Saturday.

On Friday night June 23rd,Linda's is having one of the favorite Slingshot race nights with the ever popular Twin 12's.This is a great lead-in to LANCO as the tracks are only about 30 minutes from each other.In fact,if a driver can win all 3 of the main events at Linda's and LANCO I will personally give $100 to them.

This week is the Slide at the Clyde 5 which will be held June 24th at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway.We are having 2 rounds of qualifying and our A Main is slated to be the 1st in the record books.There is no reason for anyone to sit home for this race.The payout is one of the best offered and national points as well as MA Gold points are on the line.It will also be Pink Out Night in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

As mentioned earlier the All Star regional and Junior National will both be held on the same night at Snydersville with that date being July 21st.

The Action Track USA June 21st program will find the Slingshots running a 40 lap main event that presently is slated to split the twin mains up for the SpeedSTR's and micros.All qualifying will be done by way of timed dashes which also will be your hot laps session.All entered Slingshots will be locked into the 40 lap race which is slated to pay 600 to win.

Shellhammers is posting Wingless Weds for June 28th,so if you want to get your racing fix on Action Track's off night head to Shellies.

Glen Ridge Motor Park is under new track management and they are looking at keeping the Slingshots as a regular class.Jim Pollard,Brian Tobey and Pat Cherko will take questions in regards to racing at GRMP.

We are looking at possibly adding another Junior Slingshot night to the AT USA schedule.It will be discussed during the layoff.

Please support your local tracks and the tour races.It is a fantastic way of getting seat time as tracks you normally do not race at.

Myerstown PA. June 12th, 2017

Two All Star tours this week with Action Track USA having a MA Silver on Weds and Hamlin having their rained out MA Gold on Sat.Plattsburgh will be having their Slingshot National on the 17th and the Hamlin Junior National is slated for Friday June 16th.

Accord Speedway held it's Junior National on Friday night with Tyler Banks taking the win.The Empire Region held it's 2nd point show of the season at OVDT with Jordan Lawrence taking the win.

The Super Fair National early entry deadline is quickly approaching with June 15th the early cash entry date.Multiple car entries must have multiple entries.

The Juniors will be at the Action Track on Weds. night

Jim Strouse is planning on a Hamlin weekend and will bring parts as long as we know by the end of the day Thursday and it's within reason of being taken along.

I get quite a few emails asking about different races to get seat time for the younger racers and that is what the Junior National was all about.Racing with different drivers on different size and designed tracks.It's your decision not to race,but please don't feel it is something the track staff enjoys when they put out press releases letting race fans know a Junior tour is scheduled and teams decide not to go.

Many track payouts are based on car counts and the more cars entered,the more money is given back to the race teams.There are some tracks that are willing to promote their payouts and we hope that everyone takes that into consideration on whether the team wants to race or stay home.

The minimum Junior weight has been raised to 695 as of January,so if you are close,please take the time and cross the scale before or after a hot lap session or when your car gets to the speedway.

RR tire pressures are also being done with more regularity so please make sure your RR tire is at least 18 Lbs. for the All Stars.

Next weekend (June 24th) is the Slide at the Clyde 5 and we really must thank Danny Buccafusca and LANCO for organizing this race as well as Kim's Kreations for their involvement in keeping this star studded National event moving forward.

The next Action Track Night @ Linda's is slated for Friday July 7th.

Please stay cool during this recent heat wave and we hope to see everyone at the Action Track on Weds and the Hamlin tour stops as well as supporting your weekly track.

Myerstown PA. June 7th, 2017

The Junior National at Accord will kick off the national points race this Friday night at the New York oval.There is NOT an All Star National  there this year.The maximum age question has come up and the simple answer is if the driver started the season as a 14 year old and has a birthday during the season he or she is still eligible to run the Junior Class.The Junior National Tour will have a point fund for the top 8 drivers at season's end.The champion will receive $400 and a new Slingshot body.

2 emails from Brock Moore in regards to some NY racing news:

Jason Bonsignore is interested in adding a kart and slingshot program on Friday Nights in 2018 at Champion Speedway in Owego, NY.
The speedway will host an open practice and informational meeting for interested go-kart and slingshot teams this  Sunday, June 11th. Gates Open at 1:00pm - Informational Meeting at 2:00pm - Practice at 4:00pm.
On Sunday, July 9th a full racing program (U.S. Open) for karts and slingshots (non-tour) will be held. The Slingshots will compete in a 25-lap feature with the winner earning -  $110 to win (1-8 Entries), $150 to win (9-15 Entries) and $200 (16+ Entries). Full details can be found on www.raceusopen.com.
We are slated for an August 27th tour race at Skyline Raceway Park, which is the make-up for the rained out May 7th event.
We have looked at tracks and tour schedules and are interested in the following two dates as the make up for June 4th .... Friday August 4th or Friday September 15th.
Please let us know as soon as possible if either date will work or if we will be forced to cut down to one tour event for this season.
The Super Slingshot Fair Nationals slated for Aug 14th and 15th has an early entry deadline of June 15th.You will save $20.00 if you enter early.This is the only double points race for the All Star Slingshot National Tour for 2017.I will have entry forms at the Action Track tonight and Jim Strouse will have some at Linda's on Friday night.If you want an entry form FAX'd please get back to me with a FAX #.Last year there was 69 entries with 39 making the A Main.There is also money on the line for Monday qualifying as $500 is up for grabs for the winner.Special event merchandise is also being planned with order forms on the entry.This is NOT an age restricted race.If you are a Junior racer and want to attempt to qualify,you have the opportunity as well as all the All Stars but you must be weight legal at 750lb. minimum.If you do not make the Super National you are still eligible to participate in the Weds. night program with no additional registration needed.Track gates will open at 1 PM with car inspection beginning at 3 PM.Camping is allowed but there are no hookups.We are looking to have some advance publicity in the racing papers and also on the FB Group Page as well as the Action Track USA website.
The northern Slingshot racers had their 1st National at Drummondville with Chris Cormier taking the win.Their next national date is planned for June 17th at Plattsburgh.The Button Buck teams had their national washed out last week and they will try again this Saturday on the Deer Creek Speedway inner oval.Next All Star National for the local racers is the Slide at the Clyde 5 at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway on Saturday June 24th.
Hamlin Speedway will be quite busy next weekend as the Junior National racers will be in the spotlight on Friday June 16th with June 17th being the makeup date for the washed out May 6th MA Gold race.The annual NASCAR pit crew race will be held
With Action Track Night @ Linda's on Friday night,Snydersville did not want a scheduling conflict so they have graciously moved the June 9th MA Silver Tour date to June 30th.There are points given for the AT USA Night @ Linda's mini-series with a point fund given to the Slingshots last year.Seth Spayd currently leads the points with Brett Bieber and Dave Carraghan rounding out the top 3

Myerstown PA. May 26th, 2017

At the Action Track tonight the 1st Responder Night will include the Junior Slingshots running in a 15 lap A Main, that will be held prior to intermission. The All Stars will be qualifying by way of hot lap timed dashes and a B Main. Juniors cannot run both classes tonight.

This weekend the Empire Region will have 2 races to earn points towards the season ending championship with Glen Ridge Raceway Park having the 1st night of action on Friday June 2nd.Then it's off to Skyline Park Motor Park for the scheduled June 4th series race.

Other upcoming tour races include Snydersville on Friday night June 9th and the 1st Junior National at Accord also on June 9th.The Canada racers will be having their 1st All Star National at Drummondville this Sat. June 3rd for anyone looking to head north. Button Buck racers will have their 2nd All Star National on Sat June 3rd.

For a few of you, please update your current CC info. There are some expiring today and also some cards that have been constantly declining due to either being voided or us not having the right card numbers.

To answer a question regarding the clutch shoe core shop credit. This can be used for anything here, whether it be engine work ,parts, front axle or spindle repair. It is $10.00 per clutch shoe core. We take both the SE clutch and Noram Clutch shoes for credit.

I have been notified that there are some Slingshot shock covers at the Action Track, if you are running there and have been calling me for them, please check the parts shed out.

The FB Group Page has lost 17 members in the last few days as I have begun the judge, jury and executioner on some of the posts being listed there. If you have a complaint about what is happening at your speedway, go to the track operators, not Facebook. Posting items for sale and also asking for Slingshot items is a great way to contact similar parties ,but please keep it Slingshot related. Track results, points, race team news and action, driver or victory lane photos are always fun to look at. Alex @ Snydersville does a great job in keeping his track out in front of the Slingshot public and Glen Ridge has also become more visible every week. We'd like to see more from the AL / FL / MN / ND groups

The racing at LANCO on Saturday was how Slingshot racing should be at all venues, side by side and 3 wide racing, respect for fellow drivers equipment and some battles that lasted for more than 2 or 3 laps. Please keep this thought in your head, you can't win the race on the 1st lap, but you sure can lose it.

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

Congrats to all our Slingshot drivers that are graduating or heading to their next school grade. Education is the key to your future, don't abuse it.

Jim Strouse was quite busy last week with race tech and inspections, but he will be out as needed to inspect your car, please see him, if needed.

2016 Champions shirts are still available in the larger sizes. Plenty of XL and XXL left. Call or email me if you need some. Special pricing available on quantity purchase.

Myerstown PA. May 26th, 2017

The Empire Region race at Glen Ridge has been pushed back to June 2nd due to muddy track conditions.

Tobias Slingshot Teams planning to participate in the Kenny Moore Classic Empire Regional Tour race on June 4th at Skyline Raceway Park, should plan to pit in the infield of the speedway.
We have 4 classes scheduled and are planning to pit the Big Block/Small Block Modifieds and Street Stocks in the main pit area off turns 3 and 4 and the small car classes will be in the infield.

Spirit Speedway will begin tonight at 8 PM with a combo MA Silver Tour / Poker Series race.

Used clutch shoes can be sent or given back to us for a $10.00 each core credit.

I will be here Saturday May 27th from 9:30 til 12:30 PM.then it will be off to LANCO for the Memorial Day Weekend race Here is the payout. Gates open at 3.Hope to see some new faces give this track a try. Special thanks to Kim Glass and Kim Kreations for getting some race sponsors, it is greatly appreciated, if you want to add anything to this please contact her.


Myerstown PA. May 24th, 2017

A quick reminder that there will be NO Spring Spectacular at Shellhammers this Sunday.

A MA Silver Tour race will be held at Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport on Friday May 26th.It is also a Poker Series race as well as a point show. Glen Ridge Motorpark is also scheduled to have an Empire Region race on Friday May 26th.If weather issues curtail the Glen Ridge event they are looking to reschedule on June 3rd.This will coincide with the June 4th Empire Region show at Skyline Park.

Action Track USA will be hosting the Junior Slingshots NEXT WEEK May 31st.Tonight is a regular show for the Slingshots at AT USA.

LANCO Speedway has the Slingshots on their racing schedule this Saturday May 27th.It would be a good time to get some seat time and some notes for the June 24th Slide at the Clyde.

Snydersville has continued to give the Slingshots a regular Friday night track for any teams in that area that are looking for a Friday night place to race.

Due to scoring alterations at Button Buck,I have not received the National finish from the May 13th racing program.A Great Lakes Region is on tap this Saturday night at Button Buck.

As noted a few days ago,Hamlin Speedway will have tour races,both days of their 2 day weekend in June as the Junior National will be held on June 16th and the MA Gold Tour that was rained out on May 6th will be run June 17th.

RR tire pressure checks will be addressed at many of the upcoming races,please make sure your gauge is in sync with the tech official that will be doing these.

2016 Champions shirts are still available in sizes XL,XXL and XXXL.All smaller sizes have sold out.Memorial Day weekend special is 3 shirts for $40.00 + 8.00 shipping if needed.

I will be here at the shop on Saturday May 27th from 9:30 to 12:30.If you have engines or bent front axles or spindles they can be dropped off.Engine,tire and parts pickup can also be done.

The Sammons Motorsports Indoor Racing Series schedule is being finalized and they are hoping to have things posted the 1st week of June if everything goes as planned.

Jim Strouse is up and about from his recent hip surgery and can be available for car inspections at the Action Track,Bridgeport and LANCO this week.

A few years back we had national events in Alabama and Florida and car counts were incredible. There is a request from Flomaton Raceway in Alabama and Northwest Florida Speedway to give the northern racers a chance to show off their driving skills against the Sunshine State and surrounding area stars. If race dates can be worked out it will most likely be in our offseason since they race quite a bit from November to January.

Hope to see a good car count this weekend at all weekly and tour races.

Myerstown PA. May 18th, 2017

Gates Open - 3:45PM
Practice - 5:00PM
Racing Starts - 6:00PM
Pit Pass - $36
Slingshot Car Registration Fee - $0
$260 TO WIN/$26 TO START
1 - $260
2 - $120
3 - $65
Randy Smith will be using a rain date for the washed out May 6th MA Gold Region race.The date will now be part of the 2 Night Weekend with the Junior National slated for June 16th and the MA Gold Region race on Saturday June 17th.
Upcoming races include the MA Silver Tour Race at Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport on May 26th and also an Empire Region race at Glen Ridge also on May 26th.Jim Pollard of D&D Motorsports is the designated dealer for the Glen Ridge racers at the speedway. See Jim for your parts needs there. A reminder that the Junior Slingshot weight limit has been increased from 685 to 695 and that will be used at all Junior National races as well as all weekly track racing.
Slingshot Racing currently is being held in the states of PA,NJ,NY,AL,FL,MN,WI,ND and to the north with a few tracks in Canada offering their schedules to the Slingshots.There currently has been some interest from the states of GA,LA,CA,DE and AZ.
Still getting some questions regarding the website driver roster.As long as a car is registered,there are no guarantees that the person designated as the driver will always be in the car.There are some rentals available for use from some of these race teams,if people are interested in giving it a try.

Myerstown PA. May 11th, 2017

With quite a few engines awaiting pickup and teams wanting to drop off chassis for body installation, I will be here on Saturday from 9 AM until noon. Also if anyone needs parts for the Action Track USA opener on Sunday, you can get them while I'm here.

Engines currently here for:

Yankowski / Santee / Guest / Hoffman / Morgiewicz (planning for an Action Track delivery) / Lapicki

Bodies currently ready for Silfee / McCullough / McClure / Durbin

We have bead protectors in stock in red,black,blue and raw.We currently have all gear sprockets in stock and a good supply of valve springs and 10 tooth gears.

I'll be here tomorrow if anyone wants to put an advance call for Saturday pickup.

Myerstown PA. May 5th, 2017

Micha McCall is currently trying to keep up with the demand for Slingshots in the AL / North Florida areas.He is looking for 5 cars for interested buyers with 3 already making payments awaiting their seat under them.We currently have 1 that will be heading to SE for a quick go-over for engine and clutch info as well as looking over the suspension and brakes.

Prices are between you and him.If you have anything available for sale please contact him at 251-583-0064.

If there are enough cars to be grouped together for a shipment, they have been known to drive up from Florida to pick them up.

LInda's and Snydersville has rained out for this evening.

Skyline Park Speedway has pulled the plug on the Sunday Empire Regional race due to monsoon conditions and possible freezing cold temps and snow on Sunday. The race has been moved to Aug.27th.

Hamlin and Spirit Speedway have racing this weekend, weather permitting.

Myerstown PA. May 4th, 2017


There currently are 2 regional races this weekend,weather permitting.Saturday night is the 2nd MA Gold Tour stop at Hamlin and Sunday is the 2nd Empire Region race at Skyline Park.

Danny Serrano is also asking for some race teams that have no Sunday plans to head to Spirit Auto Speedway @ Bridgeport.The 1st Poker Series race will be run on the inner 1/4 mile with a point fund being offered.For anyone under the age of 14,advance approval is needed by the New Jersey State Police.They also have a safety inspection for belts,suits and helmets.

We currently have all sprocket gears back to a 46 in stock.It seems there are a few tracks where gears in the low 50's and 40's are used,so right now they are in stock.We also now have some Simpson belts that have a new date stamp on them which will give you 2 full years of use at Bridgeport,AC and Trenton.

I want to make sure that everyone knows we are not responsible for race cancellations due to weather.That is a track only decision.They do not call us and ask if they should cancel.Alex @ Snydersville is very quick to let all race teams know what is happening at Snydersville and it is greatly appreciated.

Registrations are needed for both weekly competition and tour races.Jim Strouse will be checking for the reg. stickers at upcoming events.He will also be available for inspection duties.

Some emails and calls lately about body orders.Dzus buttons and springs are not part of the order,if you need any of those,please make sure you either add it to your order or get them if you are picking up the body here.

Barry Angstadt will be anxiously awaiting team info for the upcoming season at the Action Track and also for our races at Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway (LANCO).Driver info,team info is all used by Barry over the course of the season.This is a great way of getting your sponsors out to the race fans.

For quite a few of you,I was meeting you with parts or took them to the Action Track in my car.Well that car has officially been retired and it's replacement cannot handle the rear bumper and engine sizes.I will gladly bring smaller parts and a few tires,but rear bumpers and engines are out as well as big body panels.If we get your order early enough,it will be loaded in the SE pick up truck and you can get them from there.

The Super Slingshot Fair Nationals entry forms are requested to be filled out and submitted ASAP.We will have them along at the track next week for anyone planning on entering this Double Points National and well paying race.The qualifiers on Monday will also have a payout.All SSFN non-qualifiers are invited back on Weds Aug 16th with no additional registration needed.

As a friendly reminder,if you are looking at purchasing a used engine and need the work history,please call me.I would rather have someone get the engine info and not buy it,then buy something that has not seen the light of day here in a long period of time.

Myerstown PA. May 2nd, 2017

The Junior Slingshot weight limit has been increased to 695 lbs. for the 2017 season.This rule has been put in place since early Feb. and was done due to the stature of many of our younger drivers being ,bigger and heavier and not wanting to have a disadvantage at the scales.

Button Buck will have their All Star National opener on May 13th.

Upcoming regional's are as follows Skyline Park on Sunday May 7th.Their Facebook Page has graciously posted us as a headline event.This will be for the Empire Region and all race teams are invited to have the 1st ever race there.

May 6th the MA Gold region heads to Hamlin and the only other 2 regionals left in May are at Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport on May 26th for a MA Silver regional and at Glen Ridge Motorsports Park for an Empire Region on May 26th.

We currently have bead protectors in stock,red,blue,black and raw are your choices.

Our shock cover supplier has decided to eliminate those products from their assembly lines ,so we are currently looking for other outlets of which the recent order we had in inventory has already been sold out.

Action Track USA starts their 5th season under the Rose / Tobias banner on Mother's Day May 14th.Current plans still are looking at a car count payout based on Slingshot entries with over 36 cars receiving 350 to win and 40 to take the green.

Family has always been a major part of the Slingshot attraction and it was great to see Mike and Shelby McLaughlin take checkered flags during Saturday night's action at Hamlin.

New body orders being taken as of May 1st have a maximum 4 week waiting period,unless sheet metal back orders occur.

Jim Strouse has been given clearance to drive and he has taken stock of inspection stickers.If you need your Slingshot inspected,please see Jim if he is at your track or one of our Authorized Dealers or tech officials.

There are still a few DURO 18 X 8.50 tires in stock.They have been replaced by the 18 X 9.50 Carlisle's as the tire of choice once again after Rich went back to the small left rear tire as the only LR legal tire.

We are trying our best to keep shipping costs down and UPS and other shipping services have a size / weight template that is used for all shipments.Right now basically anything being shipped in a box 18 x 18 x 18 or higher will have the added weight charges even though the package does not weigh that much,so please bear with us.Rear bumpers and body panels seem to be the worst with a rear bumper alone costing 25.00 for a NY shipment.

Plenty of racing this weekend,get out there and do some wheeling and dealing.Wingless Weds. is still on the books for the All Star and Junior Slingshots at Shellhammers beginning at 7 PM.

Thanks for your support,track or team results are always welcomed on the Slingshot by Tobias Racing FB Group Page.

Myerstown PA. April 22nd, 2017

The Action Track USA @ the Kutztown Fairgrounds racing surface will be abuzz on Monday August 14th and Tuesday August 15th as the Slinger Warehouse Super Slingshot Fair Nationals will be heading to the speedway for the 2nd running of this already classic event for the All Star Slingshots.

Registration has begun for the $4000 to win National,which will also garner double national points.Registration is $125.00 per car until June 15th.After that date it will be 145.00 per car.The registration includes the car entry for the Monday night qualifiers which is paying $500 to win and also includes the Tuesday events.All race teams not making the SSFN can participate in the Weds.program at no additional charge.Transponder scoring will be used.If you have your own,the # will be needed and there will be some rentals available.

T-shirts and sweatshirts designating the event are also being offered with a early order price of $15.00 and $25.00.Race day prices will be higher.

I will have some along at Linda's tomorrow night or I can FAX an entry form to you.

Advance advertising is planned and we would like to let the racing community see the talented array of drivers looking to get the top prize.

This is NOT an age restrictive race.Any age driver is invited to attempt to qualify for this prestigious Slingshot race.

Camping will be allowed on the track grounds ,but there are no hookups available.

Lodging is nearby in Reading with the Host Hotel being the Holiday Inn in Breinigsville,PA which is about 20 minutes away.

The GPS Location is listed as 433 Wentz St Kutztown,PA 19530.

Entry forms are to be mailed to Doug Rose @ 813 Mt.Laurel Rd    Temple,PA  19560

Tech is starting at 3 PM both days.

PLEASE PRE-REGISTER BEFORE JUNE 15th to save money and be listed on all race advertising promos.

Myerstown PA. April 17th, 2017

After 9 weeks of rehab and therapy for a total knee replacement,it feels good to be back.I need to get caught up on a few things,those being driver roster entries on the website and getting tour points updated.

The Spring Spectacular that has been run at Shellhammers for the last few seasons has been canceled for 2017.I will look for another venue for the lost Junior National so all teams will have a 1 race low points drop in case of a  vacation or a poor showing elsewhere.The All Stars currently have enough races that drops are already used,so right now that Sunday race will not be made up for the All Stars.We'd like to thank all competitors and the Shellhammer's track officials for giving us this extremely competitive event seasons past.

Tech official Jim Strouse is currently on the mend from hip surgery,he's hoping to be up and running soon as well.

Action Track Night @ Linda's has been scheduled for Friday night April 21st and it will be an All Star National and also a MA Silver Tour race.

The computer modem died a few weeks ago and I'm basically using email addresses that were saved as a whole not a group,so I hope I didn't make many errors.

Saturday night will be the 1st MA Gold Tour race for the season and it will be held at Mahoning Valley Speedway.

There was a revision in the Empire Region schedule in regards to a Skyline Park date and once that has been finalized,I'll make sure everyone knows.

The Facebook Group Page has really become quite popular,but please let's keep it to Slingshot related items and track results.If you want to show off your hot rod,go right ahead,but it has to be a Slingshot.Also if selling anything be truthful and honest with your for sale items.

I am selling the 2016 champions shirts @ 3 for $50.00 right now.There are many L,,XL and XXL to choose from.Smaller sizes sold out fast.

Myerstown PA. February 3rd, 2017

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have been mailing out owner's packets as received.30 new ones went out today. I'm hoping we don't have any mailing issues like we did 3 years ago where they found our bundle 8 months after they were mailed. Blake Tobias has also been keeping up with the driver roster updates on the www.speedwayentertainment.com website. Point fund shop credit money can be used to pay 2017 registrations or for any work done here at SE.

I was told by Alex that the West End Fair National date has been approved so the tentative is now a go.

Jim Pollard, Pat Cherko and Ivo Garcia have taken on the name of D&D Motorsports and will be available for parts and inspections for the Albany area racers.They will be meeting with George Samson of Circuit Pro Tour to arrange the dates for the Can-AM Series.

Mike Batz has given us the thumbs-up for the April 21st All Star National which will also be the Action Track Night @ Linda's event # 1 for 2017.

I will be here on Sat. Feb 4th from 9 to 1 for parts,engine and other work or drop offs.

A few people have asked the difference in body orders when we say less cockpit, it is the rear firewall and the floor pans.The front and rear inner wings (cornpickers) are included in the orders.A complete body will get the firewall and floor pans.

I want to thank everyone that came to the Boardwalk Classic as a racer,crew member or fan.Gary Hieber took the win on Saturday night in the always sharp looking # 56.Taking the overall championship was Lehigh Valley winner Danny Buccafusca who manned the controls of the S&S Speedway 5S.

My knee replacement surgery is slated for 7 AM Monday Feb 6th and I truly want to thank everyone who has called,emailed or posted a comment on the FB Group Page.

Speaking of the Group Page, I removed some posts that were not Slingshot related.

John Durling is looking to sell a Slingshot seat If anyone is interested please contact him.

We really have seen some fancy chassis / body color combinations and the Bob Emmons metallic purple has drawn quite a bit of attention from everyone that has stopped here at the shop.

The fab shop has been doing quite a few spindle and front axle repairs,so if you need any of this work for spares,please get them to us.Also clutch shoe cores from SE and Noram clutches are being accepted with a $10.00 credit for each one given back to us.

The Feb. 2017 parts list has been completed and the parts list has been attached to this email.

Thank you for your support, please check track schedules for weekly racing and tour dates.

Myerstown PA. January 24th, 2017

I am sending this out to everyone as a simple reminder that with the social media available and nothing left unseen,it's time to treat all racers with some respect,as many,many of us do.There were a few instances over the 2016 season that I had to talk to race fans or other race teams in regards to how some of our younger racers were treated at some events.

These young lads and lasses are trying their best to be the best they can be,if not winning ignites a "nasty" side of you,please do not take it out on the children or other race teams.Everyone that sits in the drivers seat is not going to be Jeff Gordon or Danica Patrick and for you to literally be in their faces has caused quite a few promising racers to turn to other sports or back out completely from anything competitive.

It isn't easy no matter what class you are driving,remember that.Seat time has shown that it improves driver reflexes and skills and for them to be reprimanded every time they take turn 3 a little wide or spin out during qualifying will not help the results.It seems that the junior class has shown that the drivers don't care who they are racing with,they like the friendships and before and after the races they are playing,eating or just chatting as a group.This needs to continue on with everyone.

I also saw quite a few drivers try to retaliate for incidents on the track and they get the wrong driver and it looks bad for everyone.

They are quite a few cars for sale,parts for sale and other needed equipment available on the FB page,let's keep it civil.There is no need to be blasting anyone on there,maybe jokingly as a congrats for a win or even posting race results and victory lane pictures.

Rule Books are being printed,owners cards are being printed and we are awaiting some contingency decals as part of the owner's packets.We are basing the mailing on the car owner address listed.Also many of the registrations do not have the Zip Codes listed,please make sure you post your Zip Code.If you are racing 2 cars,2 registrations are required.

There is 5 races scheduled for the Juniors at the Action Track this year and we again will have a Junior National during Fair Week in August.All drivers entered have started the A Mains and that looks to continue for the Juniors in 2017.

Mike Heffner, the operator of Selinsgrove Speedway is really a Slingshot fan and he stated at Motorsports he would like to try it at our Speedweeks race there in August.

If the Briggs & Stratton crew come to you in AC,please welcome them,they are looking to do a nationwide marketing campaign,using the Slingshots for their Vanguard engine program and will be interviewing owners,drivers and getting race action.

Thanks for your support,see you at AC this weekend.

Myerstown PA. January 23rd, 2017

This weekend is the Indoor Classic at AC's Boardwalk Hall.The mini-series point race is very close.There is currently room for a few more entries,so please contact Len,Danny or Davey Sammons at 609-888-3618 ASAP if you would like to race.Check your safety belt year stamp,AC is nothing over 2 years,PA and NY are based on up to 4,providing the inspection shows no holes,frays or worn areas.

Once AC is completed,all drivers are required to use a HANS Device or equivalent at any NJ speedway.So if you are planning on racing at Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport in 2017,this is mandatory.

2017 Registrations are mandatory for anyone racing at AC this weekend.

I have been asking everyone that orders parts if we should use the CC # we have on file.If your CC # or expiration date has changed ,please let me know at the time of purchase.

Many tracks have their schedules readied for the 2017 season.I was handing out tour schedules at Motorsports over the weekend and will have some along at AC. The schedule is now posted on the website. ALL RACE DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE PER TRACK SCHEDULES....

Many tracks have a bye week or non-points week,this would be a good time to try your talents at another speedway or a tour event.We also have added Snydersville to the Junior National schedule and 2 new additions for the Empire Region are Skyline Park Raceway and Glen Ridge Speedway.
 You will see there is only 1 national at the Action Track USA this year and it will be a double points race as well as the $4000 to win Super Fair Slingshot Classic. Qualifying will be alphabet style beginning on Monday August 14th.Kim Glass will be in charge of the Slide at the Clyde 5 again this season. I will get in touch with her to see if pre-entries will be accepted again this year for this national event.

According to Rich there currently will not be a Fall Jamboree and the point season will end at the King of the Slings National at Spirit Speedway on Oct. 29th unless a raindate is needed.

One rule change for 2017 is that we have upped the minimum weight for the Juniors from 685 to 695.It just seems like the younger group is getting bigger and bigger at a quicker rate than ever. If your son or daughter is in the Juniors and is 14 years old and has a birthday during racing season, they will still be allowed junior class status for the remainder of the season, if you so prefer.

Rich and I will be heading to AC on Thursday, if you need something delivered there, within reason, please let us know by 3 PM Weds. Randy Smith will have the parts trailer there.

Thanks for your support.

Myerstown PA. January 18th, 2017

For everyone that is preparing their hot rods for the upcoming season,please make sure you have readable numbers and have your sponsors proudly displayed.It means quite a bit to race fans when they want to give business to your sponsor but have no info to get started with except for a company name.Also take into consideration for anyone that is planning on using stop sign glow back graphics,when a flash hits them the wrong way you will see nothing on your car except a big glare.

The 2017 tour schedule looks to be completed with a few tentative dates posted.Snydersville will be the addition for the Junior Nationals and Linda's has taken the distinction of being the 1st All Star National in 2017 with their April 21st date.

Five Mile Point has informed me that they will be hosting weekly Slingshot racing in 2017 and Gary Palmer will be having the Junior Slingshots as a regular class at Accord Speedway this year.Five Mile Point will again be the 1st tour stop with the Empire Region and MA Silver racers heading to Kirkwood,NY on April 2nd.

For the Great Lakes racers I have a call to 56 Speedway for a date that would give them a national on July 21st.It is being backed up with a national at Button Buck on the 22nd.

Registrations for 2017 are being accepted and driver roster names are being posted on our speedwayentertainment.com website.

Motorsports is being held at the Phila. Expo Center in Oaks,PA this weekend.SE has teamed up with Action Track USA for display space.I will have schedules and registration forms along for anyone wanting to take of things there.Jim Strouse,S&S Speedway,Slinger Warehouse and our dealers are preparing for 2017 car inspections.For many of you,it's the 1st night at your racetrack or sometime during the early season.We will be off to Motorsports on Friday at noon time.If you are planning on being here,Friday hours are 8 AM until 12 noon.

Still some entries available for the AC Indoor Classic and word from Briggs & Stratton is that they will be filming a nationwide advertising campaign with AC being the footage used with driver interviews,special interest interviews and racing action in front of the huge crowd awaiting the action in Boardwalk Hall.Paid practice is Thursday night from 5 to 10,last year the Slingshots got 4 full practice sessions.This isn't mandatory but you must pay at sign-in on Thursday if you plan on having some track time Thursday night.A little suggestion is please make sure you are weighed before and qualifying,because they will DQ you for being light at the scales.Thursday night would be a great time to check car weight.Also NO FUEL will be allowed in your trailer or your car upon entering the hall.All fueling and refueling will be done at the designated areas outside the pit area.

We currently have been getting chassis,swing arms,front axles and spindles for repairs and updates.If you are planning on dropping your chassis off please give us a call in advance.

Thanks to everyone that is sending well wishes on my upcoming knee surgery.My estimated time away right now is a minimum of 4 weeks,even though I might venture up here occasionally.Since many of you know me as the phone answerer,please give adequate time for phone calls to be answered when I'm away.

Pat Cherko,Jim Pollard and Ivo Garcia have taken on the position of a track dealership for the Glen Ridge area racers.They are working on having the Can-Am Mini Series dates in place soon.

Many requests for engine sales and other Slingshot items,right now the FB Group Page has cars.engines,seats,bodies and gears for sale.Engine history can be found by calling us with the serial number stamped on the block aside of the oil filter.

The $4000 to win Super Fair National is heading back at Action Track USA on Aug. 14-15.This will be the only national for the All Stars at the Action Track this year and it will carry double points. Last year 69 cars entered with 39 starting the A main. The non-qualified cars had their own feature on Weds. night with a payout for that race as well.

Myerstown PA. January 5th, 2017

Hello everyone,we currently have engine work and new engines completed for the following:

Bob Hoffman / Jeff Kemp / Joseph Costello / Dave Carraghan / Brian James / Russ Benke / Robert Benz / Greg Sleight / Pollard-Cherko / George Marcus / Rodney Kistler / Scott Miller / Bob Gibb and Tim Santee.

We will be here all week for pickup.

Body orders are being done as received.Just a reminder that shipping will be by UPS and the packaging exceeds their maximum size requirements.If you would like to save money please try to have it shipped to a business instead of a residential address.

Due to the increase in northern NY interest in the Slingshots,Pat Cherko,Jim Pollard and Ivo Garcia will be working with SE as exclusive area parts suppliers.They also will be planning on a few races at the bigger tracks and have been in contact with George Samson to hold the 1st annual Can-Am Slingshot Series which at the present time encompasses 3 races in Canada and 3 races in the Albany,NY area.

Banquet guest total has been submitted to Bear Creek,right now I have notified them of 230 guests and we have sold 228 tickets.If you need 1 or 2 tickets,please get to me ASAP and I will make sure they are ready for a at the door pickup.

As most of you know,the old man,me,will be heading to surgery on Feb 6th to get a new knee.My expected time away from SE will be no less than 4 weeks and no more than 6 weeks.For the new teams,I'm usually the phone answerer,parts shipper and general question answerer.Please be patient with the phones while I'm away.

I'm still working on tour scheduling for 2017,I'm sorry to say that it will not be finalized for the banquet but will be ready to go for Motorsports.

We have not received any replies to my phone calls and emails in regards to weekly racing and tour stops at Accord or 5 Mile Point and currently we have been offered a tour date at Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport for the Super Dirt Week date usually given to FMP.

Dave Allen has called to notify me that due to rules and regulations set forth by  Cuddebackville and surrounding communities he will not be moving Oakland Valley Dirt Oval's race nights to Friday,they will continue on in 2017 with Saturday racing action.

Just a quick reminder that Thursday night at the AC Indoor Classic is a paid practice only.They will also be inspecting cars to comply with NJSP rules.Practice is planned from 5 to 10,but the last few years last call was at 9 and we were done by 9:30.Room availability and rates have been posted on
www.aarn.com under the Indoor Race links.

I want to thank everyone that put on the best show of the weekend at Allentown.The racing was enjoyable to watch and we were one of the only classes that saw cars come from the back to the front without other cars dropping out or by accident casualties.Please be respectful of fellow competitor cars as you hope that they will respect yours.For anyone that will be racing at AC for their 1st time,there is quite a difference in the turn access heading into turn 1 then into turn 3.1 is very wide and 3 narrows into the turn.Quite a few different gear selections have been used ranging from a 65 to a 68 maximum.

Rich will be overseeing tech.

2017 registrations are required for all cars entered for AC and all cars running either weekly or on the tours.In fairness to all teams,Jim Strouse,myself and our dealers have been encouraged to notify race teams to register before your track opening or the 1st tour date.Once Jan. 31st comes,your 2016 car number will be not held,if you are not registered.Jim has been quite busy in recent years doing pre-season inspections and he also will do inspections at the tracks during the season.

Myerstown PA. January 2nd, 2017

Here's hoping everyone had a safe and Happy New Year.The Allentown Indoor Race was won by the S&S Speedways 5S driven by Danny Buccafusca.Danny and Daniel Morgiewicz,Jr. locked up for a great battle to the checkers.The current indoor points are posted on the indoor racing website which is being led by Kurt Bettler.The race write up is posted on the FB Group Page.Some strong runs that ended up early were by Cody Kline who had led the entire race until a lapped car incident ended his run.Brett Bieber was a frontrunner until wheel issues slowed the 32 and Nick Shaw was as high as 3rd place and had issues with slower cars.The 1st turn entrance angle was quite different than Trenton and AC and it took it's toll on all classes racing this weekend.There are video highlights on Friday night posted.

Next up is the Boardwalk Classic which  again will be overseen by the NJSP.Please make sure belts are less than 2 years old,driver equipment is up to date and no fuel will be allowed to in car fuel cell or brought in on your trailer.Also you need an ON / OFF label on your fuel shutoff switch.

I'm receiving 2017 Registrations and it looks like there will be some new faces at a variety of tracks in 2017,some in the Junior Class and some in the All Stars.

Mike Batz and his family operated Linda's Speedway is looking forward to hosting the earliest national ever presented at the Jonestown,PA 1/4 mile as the purple walled speedway will be awaiting all Slingshot racers on April 21st.

Since there are quite a few of you that would like to test your driving abilities at different speedways,Skyline Park Speedway has scheduled an Empire Region race on Sunday May 7th with a planned 2 PM starting time.They are offering 250 to win with 25 to take the green.Skyline Park is located off of Int 81 in Cortland,NY.

Currently there is engine work here for Pollard,Cherko,Svanda,Kistler,Marcus,Sleight,Santee,Benz and Santee.

There currently is openings for 12 more entries for AC.Please make sure you contact Len,Danny or Davey Sammons for entries.

We will be here all week and looking to see many of you at the SE / AT USA Awards Banquet on Saturday night.We have 230 tickets sold and still have Tyler Ulsh,Cody Kline,Cole Stangle,Dawson Landis and Mike Glass as award winners presently not on the guest list.

Myerstown PA. December 26th, 2016

The 2017 Slingshot & SpeedSTR Registration (DOWNLOADABLE FORMS) are on both the front page of the website, and the Registration page of the website. You will need them to race at AC in January. It encompasses all race teams, whether as a weekly track racer or a tour racer.

I'm hoping everyone received what they asked Santa for and are looking forward to another close, competitive racing season in 2017.

For the teams that can't wait to head to the speedways,Shellhammers and LInda's usually have some of the early season openers with Linda's also slotting April 21st as the earliest National in quite some time.

Tour schedule is being worked on and still awaiting replies from Accord and 5 Mile Point on their weekly plans or just having tour races.Mahoning has also slotted in their National no to conflict with their Octoberfast date,which currently has the Roundy Round 20 on Oct. 15th.The King of the Slings has been pushed back 1 week to Oct. 29th to accommodate the Linda's Nationals without any scheduling conflicts.

Skyline Park Speedway near Cortland,NY is asking for an Empire Region date as well as dates being worked on for the Can-Am Mini Series started by Pat Cherko,Jim Pollard and Ivo Garcia along with George Samson on Circuit Pro Tour in Canada.

2016 Champion Shirts will be at Allentown this weekend.They are still available to be shipped and will also be at the banquet.

The 1st guest count to Bear Creek Resort was made today and there are currently a few award winners that have not placed any ticket orders.If you were in the Elite 11 or Great 8 you will be getting point fund money and a trophy.The top 3 in all regionals and the top 5 in Speedweeks will get point fund money and a trophy.Action Track USA top 10 drivers in all classes are guaranteed a trophy and the top 5 in the Action Track USA Night @ Linda's are guaranteed a trophy with a point fund for the top 3 Slingshot drivers.

Body orders are being worked on daily and engine work has lessened a bit, if you want to get your engine here to be freshened,rebuilt or have your carb, refreshed,now is a great time to drop it off.We will be here all week,but a shortened day on Friday due to the Allentown Indoor Race.

Here is the Friday A-town schedule

7am Garage Opens
Inspection Begins (Fueling Begins)
Draw Opens for Time Trials
Drivers Meeting
Practice Begins: Order for Practice
TQ (Tires Out), TQ (Tires Out), Slingshots (Tires In), TQ (Tires In), Slingshots (Tires In)
TQ Midget Time Trials - 2 Laps
Prepare Track for Fanfest - Drivers & Cars Only!
Grandstands Open for Fanfest
Racing Begins - 80 TQs / 30 Slingshots
(1) TQ Last Chance Race -
(67-80) in TT, 14 Cars - 10 Laps - 6 Qualify to Heats
(3) Slingshot Heats - 10 Cars, 8 Laps - 5 Qualify
(6) TQ Heat Races - 12 Cars, 10 Laps - 3 Qualify
- Top 66 in Time Trials plus 6 from LC - Top 18 inverted / Fast Time starts 3.
Slingshot B-Main - 12 Cars, 8 Laps - 5 Qualify
(3) TQ B-Mains - 18 Cars, 12 Laps - 2 Qualify
- Fastest non-qualified cars from each start on front row.
- Example B-Main #1 - Fastest from heat 1 pole / heat 2 second
- Rest of line-up heads up from heat races.
Intermission - TQ Feature Re-Draw 6 Heat Winners
Slingshot Feature - 20 Cars, 20 Laps
TQ A-Main - 24 Cars, 40 Laps

Still have a few more entry openings for the AC Indoor Classic.

I will not be taking the New Year's Plunge into any lake,pond or stream,so if anyone is planning on that and would like to post the pictures on our Facebook Group Page,we will be happy to see them.

I'm currently planning on seeing a knee replacement specialist this Thursday with plans to have a new knee after the AC Indoor race.I promise I will be ready for the early season races,even if I have to crawl to get there.

I know many of you are loyal,dedicated weekly racers only,but I'm asking a few of you to test you talents when your track has a bye week or a non points night and enter another race whether it be a tour race or another weekly track.The seat time you will get does make for better drivers in the future.

Motorsports will be here in a little more than 3 weeks,if you have your car ready to be displayed,don't be afraid to ask around to see if any track displays could use it.

The southern race car counts are growing and cars are being needed,same for the North Dakota group,so if you have cars,parts or other Slingshot items to sell,post it.

Myerstown PA. December 22nd, 2016

Looking through the award winners for 2016,the banquet ticket sales have been incredibly supported by the Slingshot teams.As a quick reminder we need to have the 1st wave guest total to Bear Creek on Monday and the final total on the 30th.Currently I have Cody Kline,Joe Toth and Marty Kelly III and all Great Lakes Region top 3 not having any tickets from the SE tours.Action Track award winners Cole Stangle,Reese Nowotarski,Emily Fleming and Tyler Ulsh are also joined by Action Track @ Lindas top 5 which include Sam Scicchitano,Dawson Landis and Mike Glass not reserving any banquet tickets.

There have been quite a few requests for car sales to the Alabama / Florida areas with teams 1st checking the FB Group Page for cars for sale.If you have anything Slingshot related,please post it.

Body orders are still coming in and we are doing them as ordered.The Wrisco website is the color chart by which we base body colors on.

We will be here next week and I'll be heading to Allentown on Friday.

Skyline Park Speedway has inquired about doing an Empire Region race on their 1/4 mile oval near Cortland,NY.

Like I said earlier,there have been a few inquiries in regards to a driver entering the Junior ranks under 8 years old.We do not have any problem with that,it comes down to track insurance,rules and regulations.We also do not have a minimum age for All Stars other than they will be competitive and weight legal.

Merry Christmas to everyone and hope to see some smiling faces at Allentown next Friday night.Let's put a good show on for the fans.

Myerstown PA. December 19th, 2016

The 1st awards banquet guest total must be to Bear Creek next Monday and the final count no later than January 2nd.Banquet tickets can still be mailed if order is received by the end of the week.There will be some tickets available for at the door purchase with a cash or check payment only.Banquet is Sat. Jan. 7th at Bear Creek Resort in Macungie,PA from 5 PM til 10 PM.I will not be the MC,as was asked by a few of you.That will be done by the "Voice of Choice" Barry Angstadt who does a fantastic job of making everyone feel honored,as you should be and also getting some quick facts out to the banquet guests.We are going to make sure everyone gets their photo ops,but if you have a family member or friend that would like to take a few pictures,make sure they are there for your presentation.Make sure you are dressed to impress for some of these photos will be used on our social media and racing media.

Allentown currently has 31 entries for the PPL Indoor Race on Friday Dec. 30th.The time schedule is posted on
www.aarn.com Indoor Racing News link.AC has been given a 50 car entry and we are currently at 36 for the Gambler's Classic at Boardwalk Hall.We are ONLY racing at Allentown on Friday night.The current Indoor points have been posted on the FB Group Page.This is not done by me,it is strictly a Sammons Motorsports run point chase.

We have body orders done for Vreeland,Svanda,Ahlum and Bixler.

Engine work has slowed slightly and now would be the time to get your engine ready for the 2017 season.

Chassis / body special has expired last Friday,but there will be other specials offered during the offseason.

2016 Champions shirt sales are really taking off and I will have them at the Allentown race and also at the Awards Banquet.I will also ship them UPS.Shirts are $20 for all sizes and 8.00 shipping.They can also be purchased at the shop.

We are awaiting word from Gary Palmer at Accord and Andrew Harpell at 5 Mile Point on their 2017 plans.

Pat Cherko,Jim Pollard and Ivo Garcia are really working hard with the central NY race plans for 2017 with Glen Ridge Speedway wanting some tour dates.They are also in communication with George Samson in regards to having a Can-Am Mini Series.

I want to make everyone aware of the new NJSP ruling for a Heck and Neck Device,once the AC Indoor event is over,they will be mandatory to race at any race track in NJ ,beginning Feb 1st.It does not have to be a HANS made device but must be equivalent and pass the safety standards.

Working on the 2017 tour schedules and the few changes I have listed are Linda's Speedway would like the 1st 2 tours in the northeast with a MA Silver race on April 7th and the 1st local National on April 21st.Rich has taken the Dutch Classic off the national points schedule and right now the All Star Slingshot Super Fair Nationals will be held again on Aug 14 / 15 with double points offered.The King of the Slings will be moved back 1 week to Oct. 29th in 2017.

Hamlin Speedway will again have their annual Hamlin Hundred for the July 4th celebration and also has their Junior National slated for night 1 of their 2 day weekend on June 16th.Their national is slated for Sept. 9th allowing a raindate of Sept 16th.

The Slide at the Clyde 5 will again be held at LANCO with this date being June 24th.Kim's Kreations will again be the race overseers as they have for the last 2 events.

Awaiting final word on the Spring Spectacular at Shellhammers which was won by Cody Kline and the Junior race was won by Michael Corbin.

Sorry for not being here on Saturday but icy road conditions and my failure to walk to my car safely,made for the decision to not open.

Blake Tobias will be holding the annual Mary Tobias Memorial at Hiester's HO Raceway on Thursday January 5th.The HO scale cars get around the 52 foot track in a little over 2 seconds.If you want to give it a try please check out patycoseries.com website for directions.

Myerstown PA. December 16th, 2016

The upcoming Indoor event at Allentown is not overseen by the NJSP since it's in PA,but there could be safety checks for driver equipment,so be prepared.We are only racing on Friday night the 30th,so I hope everyone is prepared for the loading and unloading that is required.

2017 registration forms are now completed and all teams will be allowed to keep their car number from this year if registered before Jan. 31st.

Weather permitting I plan on being here for 4 hours tomorrow from 9 AM to 1 PM.Please call before leaving.

We currently have bodies done for Ahlum,Svanda with Vreeland and Bixler getting the final door panels completed.Engine work is done for James,Marcus,Ahlum and Sleight.

We will be open between Christmas and New Year.

Working on the 2017 schedules now and awaiting approval for a few regional and national dates.I have been trying to just move the tour dates from one year to the next in the same time.Right now we have Speedweeks and a few MA Gold dates and national races scheduled.Dates on the board right now are Apr 21 Lindas National,8/14-15 AT USA ,9 / 9 Hamlin  10 / 15 Mahoning  10 / 29 Bridgeport .Junior National dates so far 6 / 16 Hamlin.Awaiting the Shellhammers Spring Spectacular plans as well as the Nostalgia Nationals at Reading.

2016 Champions shirts are now in possession,they look fantastic.Shirts must be paid by check or PayPal.All shirts are $20 ea.Shipping is $8.00.

Chassis / Body Kit Specials expire today at 5.

Word from AC is that the Tropicana is having a major event there during the AC Indoor Classic,so room reservations were not being accepted.It might've changed since the end of November.The current status of rooms needed for that weekend at the casinos are Caesar's,Ballys and Resorts.There are other places to stay nearby with Econo Lodge,Sheraton,HoJo's and Best Western being just a few .Last year Harrah's was giving discounts for a 3 night stay,don't know if that offer is good for 2017.

Entries are still being taken for AC with our list maxing out at 50.

Awards banquet tickets are still available,please don't delay in ordering,we need the 1st guest count on the 26th.Banquet is January 7th at Bear Creek Resort in Macungie,PA with doors opening at 5 PM.This is for the Speedway Ent / Action Track and Action Track @ Linda's racers.

I will have 1 more group email prior to Christmas,so please be safe and keep your pets out from the cold weather,they have feelings too.

Myerstown PA. December 12th, 2016

The Battle of Trenton is over and taking his 1st indoor win was Anthony " Peanutbutter" Raisner over his mentor Kurt Bettler.There was some definite hard,clean racing between the 2 and quickly closing in on these 2 were Seth Spayd and Gary Hieber.Race director Danny Sammons was quite appreciative of the car turn out and support,despite the adverse weather forecast and the below freezing temps.The Slingshot main was run off in a little over 12 minutes with lap times in the high 8 second mark.14 cars finished on the lead lap out of the 20 car starting field.Raisner's win was just by .165 seconds.

Next up for the Slingshots is a trip to the PPL Center in downtown Allentown for the Dec. 30th for the Lehigh Valley Showdown.There are some entry spots open for the AC Indoor Gambler's Classic in January.

2016 Champion shirt sales have been quite brisk with shirts being ordered from the newer weekly tracks and it looks like I will be getting them midweek and ready to be shipped out by the end of the week.

I'll also be here on the 17th from 9 to 1 for any Christmas shoppers and I will have a list made of engine work and bodies done in case anyone would like to come to pick them up.

Things went quite smoothly for the NJSP inspection.There is no car inspection for Allentown except you must be a 2016 registered Slingshot with Speedway Entertainment.

2017 registrations are being accepted.I have the form available and will send it as an attachment for anyone looking to get a headstart for 2017.All AC entered cars must be registered prior to the Thurs. night paid practice there.

The updated price list will be finalized soon.There actually have been some prices that have been lowered.

We have been asked about installation of other racing seats besides the Kirkey ones that we sell.The driver head angle of the seat is the deciding factor for mounting.The Lajoie seats need to be slightly re-angled  to fit into the Slingshot seat mounts.

The Chassis / Body Kit Special expires this Friday.Kit Special includes the chassis,all rails,bumpers and swing arm (powdercoated) and a 2017 body.Mounting is extra.

Anyone wanting to post holiday greetings on the FB Group Page,feel free to do so,just nothing offensive.

Myerstown PA. December 5th, 2016

With the running of the Gobbler at Accord on Saturday,the outdoor racing season has virtually come to a close.This weekend at Trenton Sun Bank Center the Slingshots will be taking to the 1/12th mile indoor race track on Saturday Dec. 10th.According to Indoor Racing entry updates we have 27 of the 30 slots filled.If anyone is having any last minute thoughts of entering please notify Danny or Len Sammons ASAP.Since this is a race that will be supervised by the NJSP this weekend,all belts and safety equipment must pass the state inspection.For many of you if they see the AC decal or the inspection from Bridgeport it will go quicker,but belt dates and driver suit and helmets will be checked.Fuel cells must be empty for all indoor events.

Justin Mills was the winner of the 20 lap Slingshot main on Saturday with 17 cars entered.

The 2017 Registrations are being printed and all teams heading to AC in January must be registered prior to track time.There will be a paid practice for all race teams on Thursday evening for AC.

A few items were stressed in the rule book,those being definitive sizes for panhard bars,radius rods and tie rods.We are also changing the exhaust rule after all of these years of enforcement.You must start all racing events with the muffler and exhaust pipes securely mounted.If it falls off during a race you will not be DQ'd anymore,but if the yellow is thrown for your debris,you will be sent to the rear for the next restart.

Words of advice,please tell your friends that are attending the indoor races to have footwear that won't fall off while walking the speedway during the Fan Fest.

We are currently putting 3 workers on the body orders and we are doing the best we can with their completion.It seems that white and black were the 2 most popular colors and we have ordered additional sheets of these colors.There have been some really different body color selections and we are hoping that all teams are happy with the colors they have selected.

A few emails asking about track classifications.At Button Buck ,they have the Pee Wee Class which is for the youngest of racers in that area and also occasionally will include a junior age driver that has no experience of any kind driving a race car.At Hamlin is the Supers Class which is for anyone over the age of 35 and having a car weight of 800 or more.

I'm still working on the 2017 tour schedule with some tracks asking about adding events,but in order tot do that events have to be taken away.Speedweeks will again be part of the 2017 schedule.The Junior National Tour looks to be quite challenging as we have races that range from 1/8th mile to 3 /10th mile tracks.The Juniors will again be included for some races at the Action Tracks USA.You can count this as a bonus points track for season ending Great 8 points.

The used engine was sold we still have 2 new engines on the shelf with those being a .040 short block and a complete standard.

The body chassis special this year was an incredible success and orders will still be taken until Dec 16th.

Hope to see many of you as racers or fans at the Sun Bank Center in Trenton,this weekend.

Myerstown PA. November 30th, 2016

We currently have 3 engines here for sale

New .040 Short Block 1915.00

New Standard Complete   2170.00

Used Standard Complete.  1500.00

Going to try to make this as easy as I can,from NJSP reports,all drivers racing in NJ must be equipped with a head and neck restraint device after the January AC Indoor Classic.Also heard from quite a few teams that the tolls constantly change when crossing the Commodore Barry Bridge,I'll look into why the costs varies.

We currently are in the process of scheduling work for 22 new body orders.We are doing them as received and we have gotten a back order for some of the sheet metal.They are getting them to us as soon as they are made.

Currently working on the 2017 rule book and there are some changes being made,Junior minimum weight will now be 695.There will be a mandatory transponder location,panhard bar sizes,radius rod and tie rod sizes.The exhaust rule will now be that you must start all events with a secure working exhaust and if it falls off during race you will still be allowed to race .Junior Velocity Stack Adapter or carb plate cannot have a center opening of more than 1".It cannot be any thicker than 1/8" and no beveling will be allowed.No adding of grooves,no truing of tires and no siping will be allowed.Clutch spring choices are now defined for both SE and NORAM clutches.The previous rule was as supplied by us.Flywheel fans will be optional for 2017.The recommended age for Juniors begins at 8,but we are allowing younger drivers to have their chance to show their ability and the 8 year old minimum is a suggestion.

Track points and tour points vary from track to track.Even with us the SE point system is different from what is used at the Action Track or Hamlin or Shellhammers or most weekly tracks.Please make sure you know the point system where you are racing if your team is going to be chasing a point title in 2017.

Since I posted the awards banquet info on FB yesterday,we sold 44 tickets.We are asked to have our guest total to Bear Creek Resort on Dec. 23rd and a final count on Dec. 28th.Dress code is quite simple. Business casual.dress but it seems all award winners already know what to wear.

The Gobbler is still slated for Accord Speedway this Sat. with 300 to win and 50 to take the green.

Looking at the Indoor Racing list they are starting to fill and fill quickly.If you have any questions in regards to added entries or info regarding the races,please call Area Auto Racing News and ask for Danny.

Thanks for your support this season and hope to see you at Trenton next Saturday.

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