With over 300 teams eligible to earn points in the All Star and Junior classes at the World Series of Dirt Racing Spectacular at the Selinsgrove Speedway complex on October 12-14th,there will be quite a few scenarios set to take place on both the Raceway Park inner oval and the Slingshot Derby on the spacious
The Hamlin Speedway event run on September 15th closed out the Northeast National Series season with 80 drivers earning points in the All Star class and 37 points getters in the Junior class.Atop of their respective classes were Jared Silfee in the S&S Speedway # 55 and Kasey Hufcut in the Hufcut Concrete # 72.Silfee
The 1/2 mile oval at Selinsgrove will be presenting the World Series of Dirt Racing with 11 classes of racing on both the big oval and the smaller Raceway Park 1/5th infield speedway.For the SpeedSTR’s it will be in their best interests to work on a race strategy for the 100 lap SpeedSTR Showdown with
Virtually everyone that has raced a Slingshot in 2018 is eligible to take home the World Championship with the track / tour points criteria making them mathematically in the race to be crowned the All Star and Junior Slingshot Champions for the 2018 season.Just by entering a weekly track event or one of the many
The remaining National Series races could impact the final outcome of the World Championship points as quite a few drivers are farther up in the tour points than at their weekly track and their final finishing position could alter the standings. If you are a weekly track champion you will get 120 bonus points.If you
In April, Rich Tobias announced that a SpeedSTR owner from the US will be garnering an added monetary bonus for their support of the races slated for the Action Track USA,Linda’s and the World Series of Dirt Spectacular.Currently atop the standings is Mike Heffner, owner of the 27 driven by Billy Pauch,Jr. The points have