Sabrina Blanchet, de Québec, est une championne du Speedstr. Ce titre n’est pas venu sans procès et tribulation dans les derniers moments de la saison. Blanchet n’a terminé parmi les cinq premiers qu’une seule fois au cours de la saison chez Autodrome Drummond dans sa machine de course Sampson. Les chances ne sont pas en
The northeast tour will switch from the dirt to payment racing in October. The Slingshots will make two stops on the maccadam in October. The first stop will happen in October 5 at Bethel Motor Speedway in Bethel, New York. The All-Star Slingshots will run 25 Laps on the ¼ mile while the Junior Slingshots
Estevan Motor Speedway in nestled away in coal mining country of Saskatchewan, Canada. Ryder Raynard might be worth more than the coal mines in 2019. Raynard locked up the 2019 Estevan Motor Speedway Slingshot championship on the merit of seven feature victories. Raynard started the season with a victory in the first race if 2019

Mayberry’s Career Path leads to Speedstrs

Mayberry’s Career Path leads to Speedstrs Although his quiet demeanor would never allow it to be known, TJ Mayberry has a pretty storied racing career that has found a home in Speedstr competition. Mayberry, the son of Modified and Speedstr racer Tom Mayberry, honed his skill in Slingshots at a young age winning at various

SE sets banquet date for Jan 11, 2020

Speedway Entertainment sets banquet date for Jan 11, 2020 When the season comes to a close and the final points have been awarded the focus will turn to indoor racing as well as the celebration of the 2019 season. The annual Speedway Entertainment awards banquet will be held at the Bear Creek Resort.  Bear Creek
Dylan Hoch started on the pole of the 50 lap main event and drove to a win worth $1000 at Hamlin Speedway. Dylan Hoch, Jared Silfee, Cody Kline, Kyle Herve, and Scott Neary were the top five finishers. Hoch also won the make up feature held from August. Jared Silfee and Scott Neary were the